2024 Top 10 Badewannenhersteller und -marken in China: Der ultimative Leitfaden, der Ihnen hilft!

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2022 Top 10 Bathtub Manufacturers And Brands in China:

China bathtub manufacturers are now highly certified worldwide. Every year, Chinese bathtubs become more and more popular in developed markets to create sanitary products. In addition, the amazing and commendable quality of these professional gears usually attracts buyers from various countries.

Such a stylish design effectively moves bathtubs to a more costly value level, and it’s due to these bathtubs being made of current high-quality acrylic, which permits building planners to actualize their plans when installing the plumbing.

Need to buy a high-quality bathtub made in China? Read our article, we have collected information about the major bathtub manufacturers in China, these manufacturers have received great patronage and are worthy of your trust. These manufacturers are recognized for various structures, model modifications, additional features, the most valuable quality, and the use of modern assembly materials for production.  

Industry Regions of China's Major Bathtub Manufacturers

Before highlighting the top ten bathtub manufacturers in China, it is worth noting which regions these bathtub manufacturers are composed of.

China is currently the world leader in high-quality bathtubs and sanitary materials, and most of its production takes place in Guangdong, Fujian, and Shanghai. Well-known brands from China are widely distributed in these places, developing breakthrough products at a very fast speed.


It may be difficult to believe, but most of the world’s expensive plumbing materials originate from these locations, causing well-known European brands to fall behind in the plumbing industry.

Top 10 bathtub manufacturers And Brands in China
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1. KOHLER                             
2. T&W                                     
3. ARROW                               
4. TOTO                                    
5. APPOLLO                            
6. FAENZA                               
7. ORANS                                 
8. SSWW                                  
9. HUIDA                                 
10. JOMOO                              

Top 1. Kohler Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Kohler Corporation was founded in 1883 and is headquartered in Wisconsin. It is still one of the oldest and largest family businesses in the world. Over time, Kohler set foot on Chinese soil, especially in Shanghai. In 1995, the company occupied a considerable share of the Chinese market.

Kohler is thriving in China, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Shenzhen, producing as many as 10 factories, 500 exhibition halls, and more than a dozen flagship stores. They are indeed a unique brand.

Key Products

Kohler Company is a leading brand in the world's leading fields such as kitchen and bathroom products and furniture manufacturing, home decoration, hotel service tools, and first-class golf clubs. There is no doubt that Kohler's bathtubs are top-notch and popular all over the world. 

Recommended Reason

Kohler is a brand worth recommending and has accumulated numerous awards over the years, such as the 2008 Most Successful Design Award and the Most Reputable Brand Award issued by the China Architecture Interior Design Association. Kohler is a very good bathtub manufacturer in China, which deserves your attention.

Top 2. T&W Bathtub Manufacturer in China

T&W Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is located in the sanitary ware industry base Foshan, Guangdong Province. It is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise specializing in design, development, manufacturing, and sales. With its innovative design and outstanding quality, T&W brand products sell well in more than 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and other places. And T&W brand products are highly praised by overseas customers as "the art of bathroom".

One of the main factors that affect the quality of products is the professional team of employees with many years of experience. This quality bathtub has gained recognition in approximately 30 countries. All products are certified and meet not only European standards but also the international quality system. and today it may well become one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of sanitary products in the world, and strives to offer its customers living in almost all countries of the world the best bathroom solutions. T&W bathtub is popular in the USA, Canada, in many countries of Europe. The manufacturer is focused on a high-quality level of goods and services and is now able to easily maintain the achieved position at the right level.


Key Products

As the benchmark of the industry, T&W is committed to the concept of quality for survival, innovation for a breakthrough, management for efficiency, and harmony for development. The main products are high-end bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, washing basins, pedestal basins, home decorations, and so on. To meet the needs of different customers, T&W has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and its products have obtained CE and CUPC certifications. 

Recommended Reason

T&W is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, closes to many ports such as Foshan Port, Nanshan Port, and Shenzhen Port. The convenient transportation and shipping advantages drive the products to be sold at home and abroad. T&W production is constantly expanding, today it is about 32,000 square meters of the industrial territory of China. At the same time, products are being improved, and many new products are constantly being offered to customers. The use of environmentally friendly raw materials, updating the lineup allows the company to take the leading position in the trading arena. In the assortment of this manufacturer, there are various configurations and levels of difficulty solid surface basin, acrylic bathtubs, artificial stone bathtubs, shower panels, and also available bathroom cabinets designed for the bathroom and other products. The bathtubs of this manufacturer are no different in quality from the famous brands. 

Top 3. ARROW Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Arrow Home is a successful brand engaged in the manufacture of home furnishing materials and building structures. The company was established in 1994 in Foshan, Guangdong, a world-renowned ceramic takeaway area in China.

As a well-known bathtub manufacturer in China, Arrow is also known as one of China's top sanitary ware manufacturers and maybe the world's most famous supplier of construction and sanitary products.


Key Products

Various bathroom fixtures and accessories come from Arrow's production line. They include acrylic bathtubs, ceramic bathroom products, surf rooms, shower rooms, steam rooms, solid wood toilet dressers, custom toilet dressers, modern faucets, tempered steel bowls, and equipment pendants. 

Recommended Reason

Arrow is a profitable brand that produces high-quality products for global builders. The company currently has about ten manufacturing centers in China. The locations of these companies include Foshan Lecong, Foshan Gaoming, Foshan Sanshui, Guangdong Shaoguan, Jiangxi Jingdezhen, and Shandong Dezhou. 

Top 4. TOTO Bathtub Manufacturer in China

TOTO was founded by Kazuchika Okura in 1917 to produce sanitary ceramics that are the same as those in the European and American markets. After experiencing several catastrophic events such as the 1923 earthquake and world war, TOTO established its first overseas factory in Indonesia and began its development outside China.

In 1990, TOTO successfully started trading with the United States after expanding its services to Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries. Currently, this company is at the forefront of sanitary technology because they innovate and create products that improve previous designs and comfort. 


Key Products

Various bathroom fixtures and accessories come from Arrow's production line. They include acrylic bathtubs, ceramic bathroom products, surf rooms, shower rooms, steam rooms, solid wood toilet dressers, custom toilet dressers, modern faucets, tempered steel bowls, and equipment pendants. 

Recommended Reason

Like most well-known companies, TOTO won 2017 iF Gold Award for its excellent products and is worthy of recommendation for the quality of its awards. It also won the if design award for outstanding design and innovation of its products. TOTO is a very famous bathtub manufacturer in China. You can find many shops when you buy a bathtub in China. 

Top 5. APPOLLO Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Apollo has been well-known in the Russian market for several years, has long enjoyed a high reputation among the undeniable high-end brands, and has been loved by countless people. In addition, the organization’s production continues to grow.

Key Products

Appollo is not only an excellent bathtub manufacturer in China. As a company with a large share of the Chinese building materials market, Apollo produces innovative products such as steam rooms, shower rooms, sauna rooms, bathroom toilets, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories, etc. 

Recommended Reason

Appollo has 25 years of sanitary ware production experience, which makes them qualified to handle your order. They also ensure that environmentally friendly materials are used in the production process to ensure that you and the environment remain safe while bathing to your satisfaction. When choosing a bathtub for your house, you can't miss Appollo. If you need to customize a bathtub for your project, Appollo is very suitable. 
Top 6. FAENZA Bathtub Manufacturer in China

FAENZA entered the Chinese sanitary ware market in 1999. It is an art-inspired sanitary ware brand, headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is an advanced large-scale manufacturer of bathtubs and ceramic sanitary ware integrating the design, research, and development, production, and distribution of high-end bathroom products, ceramic tiles, and related products. 

Key Products

FAENZA is the preferred brand for bathtubs, polished ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, bathroom cabinets, faucets, hardware pendants, and other products. You can also get a jacuzzi as well as a smart toilet and bathroom sink cabinet from them. Large quantities of its products are exported to other countries. 

Recommended Reason

In addition to excellent customer service, we recommend that you choose FAENZA because of its stunning bathroom design because they bring a stately appearance to the bathroom. In addition, this company has six modern production bases in China, covering more than 6000 acres of Chinese real estate, you can expect it to get what you want. 

Top 7. ORANS Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Originated in Italy, ORANS operates globally and is the dominant force in the global manufacturing market. Its business is booming, involving basins, furniture, showers, bathtubs, cabinets, etc.

Their services have expanded abroad, providing services to more than 2,000 brands around the world, including retailers, wholesalers, contractors, and project distributors. They have been in business for more than 20 years and their experience makes them a reliable choice for your bathtub. 


Key Products

As mentioned earlier, ORANS provides products to 2000 customers, including bathtubs, faucets, showers, toilets, ceramics, furniture, bathroom cabinets, etc., which are a force in the market. The ORANS bathtub manufacturer has a team of designers to ensure that each requested order is met according to specifications. 

Recommended Reason

When it was first launched, ORans quickly developed into a trend leader in the field, and thus achieved positive growth. This is due to their philosophy, environmental protection efforts, and high-quality products. In addition, they are a brand that is guaranteed to meet your needs and has zero defects. 

Top 8. SSWW Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Splendid Sanitary Ware World, also known as "SSWW", was established in 1994 in Foshan, the capital of fine ceramics in China. As a leading manufacturer in the bathroom accessories industry and the bathroom industry, SSWW provides customers with irreplaceable bathroom solutions.

Customers are fortunate to get another multi-functional new bathing experience that combines basic elements such as warmth, washing, convenience, leisure, care, and fashion.


Key Products

The company also has ten categories of product lines, which are exported to about 107 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Russia. Their product line and most common export products include bathtubs, shower towers, steam rooms, and smart toilets. Its bathtub is the top product of this company. 

Recommended Reason

SSWW's bathtub design is very novel and elegant. If you need value and beauty more than price and quantity, then SSWW is a brand worth visiting because they focus on customers and customize their release according to their needs.

Top 9. HUIDA Bathtub Manufacturer in China

Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. ranks among the most advantageous suppliers of overall sanitary ware solutions in China. Its business center is located in Huida Ceramic City, Tangshan, Hebei Province.

Huida started its journey in 1982 as a manufacturer of sterile art products. Nevertheless, it has developed into a well-known manufacturer and merchant of savvy bathroom equipment, toilet accessories, bathroom accessories, and more necessities.


Key Products

Unlike other companies on the list, Huida has 258 patents, including 27 invention patents, which means that it has a large and complex product line for competition. The main products are sanitary ceramics, bathroom hardware, bathtubs, heated toilet seats, basin faucets, etc.

Recommended Reason

In terms of technological progress, Huida is a local brand. It is among the best for its outstanding products and inventions, especially advanced heated toilet seats and bathtubs.

Top 10. JOMOO Bathtub Manufacturer in China

JOMOO Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 and is considered to be one of China's leading kitchen and bathroom suppliers, providing suppliers and retailers with high-quality and popular bathroom products and accessories.

The company has 16 factories, more than 60 laboratories, 5 production bases, and 30 global research institutions. It is a well-known brand that knows how to give back to society.


Key Products

As mentioned earlier, everything produced by Jiumu is high-end, which applies to their kitchen and bathroom solutions. With 400 design patents (higher than Huida), it can manufacture innovative kitchen and density utensils, sanitary ceramics, bathtubs, drying products, faucets, bathroom furniture, smart hardware, etc.

If you like something like this, you can also find bathroom mirror cabinets, comfortable height toilets, golden kitchen faucets, and some revolutionary technologies.

Recommended Reason
As a well-known company with a wide range of products, Jiumu is one of the best brands of bathroom accessories. What sets them apart is the amount of infrastructure they have, including 30 global research institutions, 60 laboratories, 5 production bases, and 16 factories.

With these bathtub manufacturers in place, getting your desired product from China – whether wholesale or retail – will be a raider as all companies listed here are authentic, affordable, and reliable enough to provide you the service you desire.
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