NuoPei Education Institution

Project: Custom Counter Top WashBasins For NuoPei Education
Customer: NuoPei Education Institution
Time: 2017
Quantity: 172 pcs
Location: Nanning
Product: Custom Counter Top WashBasins
Material: Solid surface/Artificial stone
NuoPei Education Institution is a large-scale comprehensive education and training chain institution focusing on K12. Established in 2014, it has developed into a comprehensive large-scale training institution with 5 campuses and over 8,000 students in the past 6 years with its outstanding ability and good reputation. NuoPei Education Institution has ace majors such as cultivating super logically talented students in mathematics, practicing Bert English with pure oral English pronunciation, imaginative thinking art classes, and vivid and interesting composition classes! NuoPei Education Institution has always adhered to the educational philosophy of "ruling the school with nobility and coaching by training", using love as the background, and teaching every child with heart.