Reparaturmethoden und Pflegetipps für Acrylbadewannen!

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There are many materials and types of bathtubs on the market. Due to the user's habits, the inner wall or surface will be damaged over time and need to be repaired. I wonder if you have found this problem. If so, don’t worry, the editor of T&W takes the acrylic bathtub repair method as a case, and shares how to repair the bathtub. The content is as follows:
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I. Acrylic bathtub repair method

1. Bonding

A: In the process of using the acrylic bathtub, if there is a crack accidentally, it should be repaired in time. The cracks should be bonded first. When bonding, it is best to clean the cracks with two people together. If there is excess Glue, lightly scrape it off first.

B: Then align the two parts forcefully, use good super glue, and slowly pour glue in along the cracks in the bathtub, control its amount, not too much, take it slowly; in this process, use a hammer continuously Wait for the object to tap the cylinder lightly and try to let more water into the cracks.

C: After the gap is filled, don't move it, let go after sticking it firmly, and clean the glue at the docking position, otherwise it will be difficult to clean after it dries.

2. Repair

Next, mix it with a little AB glue and add some talcum powder inside to make a paste. Gently rub it on the cracks and smooth it out as much as possible. After it is dry, lightly sand it several times with water sandpaper and a little water.

3. Coloring

Use a thinner paint mixture with similar colors in the bathtub. Use a thinner brush to brush on the damaged area. After finishing, use sandpaper and water to lightly polish until the color is similar to the overall color of the bathtub. A layer of varnish is just fine.

4. Scratch repair

A: Bathtub scratch repair is very simple. According to the degree of scratch, different types of sandpaper are used for sanding. If the scratch is deeper, first use a blade to treat it, and then sandpaper.

B: During the polishing process, the sandpaper should be water-polished with water; the direction of the sanding should not be sloppy, it is best to follow one direction, and then perform a polishing treatment after the polishing is completed.

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II. Acrylic bathtub maintenance method

1. Clean in time

After the acrylic bathtub is used, clean it up carefully so that soap, cleaning liquid, and human dirt will not stay in the bathtub, so as not to become stains; when not in use, clean it up, otherwise, it will adhere to some dirt.

2. Be careful of organic solvents

Acrylic is difficult to resist. Organic solvents such as styrene and chloroform must be prevented. If encountered, clean it up in time, otherwise, it will easily cause the surface of the cylinder to soften or even crack. If you accidentally get an organic solvent, you must clean it quickly.

3. Cleaning method

When cleaning the bathtub, use a neutral detergent. When cleaning, do not use steel balls, which will leave scratches on the surface of the bathtub; some men like to smoke in the bathroom. Do not put cigarette butts on the acrylic bathtub, which will also leave scars, Thereby affecting the appearance.
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The above is about the repair method of the acrylic bathtub. After reading, everyone knows a little about the use and repair of the bathtub. Therefore, try to protect the bathtub and avoid such problems. If it does appear, you can find a professional master to repair it to prevent further damage and reduce the use time. If you want to know more bathtub information, please continue to follow T&W.
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