Acrylbadewannen vs Solid Surface Badewannen, Was ist der Hauptunterschied zwischen den beiden Materialbadewannen?

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Acrylic Bathtubs Vs Solid Surface Bathtubs

Some clients may misunderstand our solid surface bathtubs and confuse them with normal acrylic bathtubs. Then they raise the question of “why your solid surface baths so expensive, even up to triple the price of acrylic bathtubs?”

Actually, these two products are completely different. Hereby we list the differences between these two products to help you understand

1. View of the structure 

Normal acrylic tubs consist of several layers, the upper layer is 3-4mm of Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate(PMMA)which also called acrylic glass and is the face of the acrylic tub. Under the face or skin of the tub is the reinforced fiberglass back bonded by polyester resin, which strengthens the structure and is usually 4-5mm thick. This is why some people prefer to call an acrylic bathtub a “fiberglass bathtub”.


A solid surface (stone composite) bathtub no longer has such kinds of layers. The product is solid throughout the whole body, as its name ”solid surface” demonstrates., It is made with a kind of nonporous composite stone material that was first introduced by Dupont in the 1960s and proven and accepted by the market for more than 30 years.
2.Base material difference 

The acrylic tubs are made of 4mm PMMA slabs, strengthened by reinforced fiberglass. PMMA PANEL
Solid surface bathtub‘s base materials are premium acrylic resin (compound of PMMA and MMA) and fine quality aluminum powder.


3. Different production method 

To make an acrylic tub, one of the main methods is the plastic suction technique processing with acrylic slabs heated to 120-150 degrees centigrade. After cooling down, the required shape will be formed and then a reinforced fiberglass layer will be built to strengthen the shape.

Resin (MMA) is taken to produce a solid surface bathtub, where it is mixed with aluminum powder thoroughly in a casting machine. The mix is then placed into a vacuum, poured into a mold, and after cooling down the mold is opened and a primary solid surface bathtub is created.


4. Other prominent difference
Feature Solid Surface Baths Acrylic Bathtub
Finish Matte or glossy Mainly Glossy
Custom Color Possible Possible
Weight Heavy Comparatively light
Durability Very durable durable
Cost Almost triple than Acrylic tubs cost save
Application For a top-end luxury hotel, resort Economic bathroom project

We hope above the words can help you learn the differences between acrylic tubs and solid surface baths.

Finally, if you need to import acrylic bathtub and artificial stone bathtub, you can contact us, we are a bathtub supplier with 20 years of manufacturing experience, there are as many as 500 bathtub styles, and the quality and price are very competitive, we hope to help you business.

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