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Hanging Bathroom Cabinet WBL-0512

The collocation knowledge that Bathroom cabinet


1. Choice of style. Choose the bathroom to hang the cabinet according to the overall style of the bathroom. The hanging cabinet with different qualitative materials has different feelings.

The individual character bathroom that heavy metal feels is hanged cabinet: the stainless steel bathroom cabinet of light is tie-in the white clean with same bright, same simple sense brings the individual character element with very cool jin for the bathroom, at the same time the ornament of flower can counterbalance the cool feeling in the space.

Rustic wind Bathroom cabinet: the bathroom cabinet that drops lacquer presents the modeling of the primitive state, it is it that it makes rustic style throws aside the bondage feeling that all contemporary industry brings between bathroom, tie-in cane pledges natural material, bring a kind of warm and comfortable feeling to the bathroom to feel.

2.Size selection. According to the size of bathroom space and demand, the choice to treat room hanging cabinet. If the curing room is bigger, space is bigger, can choose a bit bigger hang cabinet. Otherwise can settle only with the hanging cabinet of choice small size. Maintain and clean the bathroom cabinet


Bathroom cabinet cleaning

1.Use a duster to remove dust.

2.wipe with a dry cloth, cloth to use flannelette, try not to use towels.

3.the bathroom cabinet should not be washed with water, usually use a small cloth to gently wipe, so as not to cause corrosion caused by water. The cleaner layer that maintains is good use neuter, the tooth sound that can get conveniently inside the bathroom also is a very good decontamination article.


Maintenance of bathroom cabinet

1.when installing cabinet foot, lean-to outboard as far as possible, make cabinet put oneself in another's position force is balanced.

2.Check whether the cabinet is in alignment during installation. If did not put, cabinet put oneself in another's position force is uneven, the line is twisted, not only affect beautiful and affect the service life.

3.Keep the cabinet dry and prolong its service life. Avoid drenching water, such as water drops should be timely wipe with a cloth.

4.clean with a soft cloth, do not use metal wire, clean cloth, strong chemicals scrub.

5.prevent hard objects collision, scratch. mark: white-hot mark on the bathroom hanging cabinet, silver crystal bathroom tell small makeup generally to use alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth wipe can.

7.Water mark: Cover the wet cloth with a wet cloth and press the wet cloth carefully with an electric iron to make the mark disappear.

8.scratch: the bathroom cabinet lacquer scratch, did not touch the woodiness under the paint, can use the crayon with the same color as the vanity or paint, in the vanity wound surface daub, in order to cover the exposed undercolor, and then transparent nail polish thinly coated.

9.Remove white marks: Apply with a cloth stained with a mixture of soot and lemon juice.

10.o wax regularly: every 6 to 12 months, with paste wax for the bathroom cabinet on a layer of wax, including the cabinet, hardware handle, towel rod and support part.

Bathroom cabinet to be able to put a bath towel, toothpaste, and the things that defend baths such as bath dew, very convenient our life because this we should clean, maintain bathroom to hang vanity well, let it better maintain beautifully and extend its service life.


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