Der Badschrank ist kein Einzelstück mehr, clevere Aufbewahrung macht das Bad edler

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When it comes to storage tools in the bathroom, what can you think of? Are bathroom cabinets and towel racks just so simple? Of course, not, there are actually a wide variety of storage tools in the bathroom, and the clever use of these tools to combine can make the small bathroom space of the small apartment, produce more sites, and make our bathroom more tidy and comfortable, don't you believe it? Just take a look!

I: Create a clean and comfortable bathing space

For this cozy small apartment bathroom, you can emphasize its cleanliness and comfort through storage tools. The rattan storage basket and the bathtub bookshelf for reading in the bathtub can highlight the comfort, while the semi-open small storage cabinet reflects the neat function.
Recommended item 1: Small storage cabinet
The upper part uses a closed cabinet door design, which not only allows trivial things to be concealed but also isolates water vapor. The open storage compartment in the lower half can be used to place folded towels or a small storage basket. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also relatively less restricted by shape and size.

Recommended item 2: Rattan storage basket


The rattan storage basket or frame allows the open space at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet to be used as a storage place. Use the storage basket to clean up the sundries and insert it into the bottom of the open space like a drawer. Not only is it beautiful, but the characteristics of rattan make the space more natural and warm.

Recommended item 3: bathtub book holder


This simple bathtub bookshelf allows you to enjoy reading and even drink a drink while soaking in the bath. It is not only convenient and light but also only takes up the space inside the bathtub, which greatly saves the need for external storage.

II: A shower room for easy access

The shower room itself has no storage space, so it is often messy when installing the shower room to take a bath. Use the shower room wall to place various storage tools, such as glass shelves, metal hangers, or storage baskets, so that you can easily access the items you need in the shower!

Recommended item 1: corner hanger

The corner hanger makes full use of the corner space of the wall. In particular, this small hanger has two layers of storage space, and towels can be hung underneath. It is really an essential storage tool for the shower room.

Recommended item 2: wall-mounted storage basket

A metal storage basket that can be directly installed on a flat wall. The bottom design will not cause water accumulation. The bottom is also designed with a metal rod for hanging towels. Although small in size, it is convenient to use by hand and does not occupy much space.


III: Store toiletries near the sink
Around the basin, towels, toiletries, all kinds of soap, cotton swabs, and other small debris are everywhere. Are you putting them all in the bathroom cabinet? Or let it be scattered on the edge of the basin? Use hooks, hangers, and clever iron storage racks to help!

Recommended item 1: small iron storage rack

This open iron storage rack with a three-layer storage function is not only beautiful and unique but also lightweight and convenient. It can be placed in any corner of the bathroom at will. The towel racks on both sides of the top can also hang unfolded towels.

Recommended item 2: elegant hanger

The elegant wrought iron hanger in the shape of a clothes hanger, the small basket at the bottom can store various toiletries, and the top bar can hang towels, which has a strong storage function, and it looks unique and beautiful when hung on the wall.
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